Hydrogen Industrial

A patented fuel that will make coal clean(er) and increase profitability

– Hydrogen Industrial (“H-I”) is a synthetic fuel that replaces about 50% of the coal required to generate the same amount of heat/ steam
– H-I is made from widely available ingredients and will be manufactured in proximity to the coal fired power plant. The key value is the
patented composition and mixing process.
– H-I not only reduces harmful emissions by reducing the coal intake but further traps up to [50]% of the remaining emissions in the ashes
offering net emission reductions of at least [about/ up to] [75%] for the power plant
– Every combustion chamber can be easily adjusted to use H-I

Benefits of using H-I

1) reduce harmful emissions
2) Ensure the ongoing viability from a regulatory perspective of the power plant
3) Reduce the overall input cost
H-I makes the plant more profitable and allows it to operate with significantly less emissions – extending its useful life