InoCoA proposal I

Working together in a profitable way to reduce emissions

InoCoA is flexible in regards to the set up but has put together a basis for discussion

InoCoA responsibility:

– InoCoA will install the H-I manufacturing equipment on site (ideal) or in close proximity to the plant and will retain ownership/ responsibility of it. The
manufacturing process will have sufficient redundancies to ensure sufficient availability of H-I.
– InoCoA will train the workforce to run the manufacturing (either employed by InoCoA or by the power plant)
– InoCoA will source the raw material (ingredients) and provide them to the site

Power Plant responsibility

– provide the site for the manufacturing equipment and the storage of raw materials
– store the raw materials post delivery on site
– install the feed in system to the combustion chamber (with InoCoA advising on the requirements)
– retain responsibility to feed in the H-I to the combustion chamber (from the manufacturing site/ short term storage)
– provide 24 hour forecast of H-I requirement on an ongoing basis